You’ve come to right place if you are looking to quickly tighten, tone and reduce stubborn fat anywhere on your body….in a completely natural way with NO side effects. Let our worry-free and pain-free light technology change your life.

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Come in today to learn more and meet our friendly staff. We are open daily from 7am to 9pm (by appointment), both in Manhattan’s Upper Eastside and Forest Hills, Queens locations. We are happy to tailor a program to meet your individual needs. Please use the calendar below to book your appointment. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Actual images of fat emulsification taken under an electron microscope

0 minutes

Fat Filled Cells.

The light energizes the fat cells causing an accelerated pore opening.

15 minutes

Emulsified Fatty Debris.

All the contents of the fat cells, the fatty acids, glycerol and water, are carried to the lymph system and are released from the body. Permanently.

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20 minutes

Empty & Collapsed Cells.

It's like a grape shrinking down to the size of a raisin.

The Buzz

Forest Hills Mom: “I never imagined as a mom with three kids, that I could go from a size 8 to a size 2 in six weeks! And it was all natural: worry-free. Venus NY Body Shaping changed my life. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

Medical Student: “Over the last two years, I let my body get out of control. But Venus NY Body Shaping brought me back to where I should be, quickly and effectively! Now, I can practice what I preach.”

Manhattan Senior, age 80: “I never thought it was possible to tone certain areas of my body at this age. My neck felt tighter after the first session, and I lost 6 inches around my arms. Not done yet.!”

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